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Helpful Tips

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How to get the most out of watering your lawn?

Experts say:  Attempt to perform your watering in the early morning, preferably around dawn.  Watering in the heat of the day will often result in the evaporation of water, instead of ingestion into the root system. Watering in the evening leaves your ground moist overnight, and is therefore subject to disease and fungus.

Want to participate in the Lake Fork Area Flag Display Program?

It's as easy as calling 832-920-4903 (Caroline Douglas) to sign up.  The area flag display program is sponsored by the Land's End Volunteer Fire Department, who will provide the flags and place them on your lawn during the six designated Flag Holidays each year. Flags are well-maintained and promptly removed at the end of each holiday.  Participating in the LEVFD Flag Display program is an excellent way to show your patriotism while supporting a very necessary and worthwhile organization.  You can also contact them thru email at:

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